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Empower yourself with the transformative potentials of clinical and transpersonal hypnotherapy. Uncover your inner wisdom and redefine your world. A hypnotherapy session can help you break free from limiting habits and beliefs, overcome your fears, master emotions, and connect with your inner wisdom and spirituality.

Bridging the Mind, Body, and Spirit through Hypnotherapy

Habit & Belief Change 

A belief change hypnotherapy session can help you overcome limiting beliefs such as lack of worthiness to help you experience better relationships and fulfill your purpose.
A habit change hypnotherapy session is designed to help you break free from unwanted patterns like accumulating clutter, over-eating, procrastination, nail biting, and smoking.

Overcome Fears

Hypnosis can help you overcome general and social anxiety, panic, and performance anxiety. It can also help you overcome fears and phobias such as fear of flying, driving, heights, public speaking, test-taking, and more. Experience the freedom of overcoming your fears.

Spiritual Connection

 Connect with your intuition, higher self, guides, spirits, angels, dreams, past lives, and more through transpersonal hypnotherapy. For example, a past life regression can help you better understand your present relationships, and uncover your talents and calling in this life. Awaken to a deeper sense of purpose and understanding.

Hypnosis for Individuals

Receive personalized guidance and support tailored to your unique needs. Your session will be focused on your individual journey towards empowerment and self-discovery.


Group hypnosis and guided meditation sessions are available for wellness, team building, and social support. Mimi is dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment for participants to explore their potential.

Guided Meditations

Mimi can create a customized  guided meditation and hypnosis recording especially for you, to address your unique concerns and goals.
She also has a library of recordings available on YouTube, or ad-free via her Patreon page. You can also purchase them for individual download here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a relaxed state of mind much like having a daydream, meditating, or being really engrossed in a good book or movie. Have you ever noticed that some of your best ideas and solutions occur while you are taking a shower, or on a peaceful walk in nature? This is because we are shifting into a slower, more relaxed brainwave state just like we do in hypnosis. This allows us to tap into a more vast part of our consciousness that is creative, imaginative, non-defensive, and intuitive, facilitating access to new ideas and solutions. This is the subconscious mind.

How many sessions do I need?

The number of sessions needed varies for each individual and depends on the specific goals and progress made. Typically, clients see results within a few sessions.

Is hypnotherapy safe?

Yes, hypnotherapy is safe when conducted by a trained and certified hypnotherapist, and the client is always in control. Much like a daydream, it is a natural state of mind that everyone experiences daily. A session can offer new perspectives and insights leading to lasting change.

How can hypnosis help me?

Hypnosis can help you create positive changes in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Through customized personal sessions, we will explore and uncover the root cause of unwanted patterns and create new healthy ones to help you achieve your goals. Hypnotherapy can help you to overcome and release inner obstacles, resolve inner conflict, and create new neural pathways. It is also a wonderful tool to help calm the nervous system.

Can I be made to do something against my will in hypnosis?

No, you cannot be forced to do something against your will or moral principles in the state of hypnosis. It is not a loss of control but rather a state of heightened inner awareness and focused attention. People in trance retain their ethical boundaries and will reject any suggestion that goes against their values or desires. Ethical hypnotherapists prioritize the well-being and consent of their clients, ensuring that suggestions and therapeutic techniques align with the client's goals and preferences.

What does it feel like to be in a state of hypnosis?

Most people feel a sense of calmness, mental clarity, and profound relaxation while in a state of hypnosis. It might feel similar to a daydream or meditation. The experience can vary from person to person, but it generally involves an enhanced ability to vividly imagine or visualize scenarios, and access to a part of our mind that is open to ideas and solutions. The client's attention is focused inward, while they still remain aware of what is going on in the world around them.

Will I remember what happens in hypnosis?

Just like having a conversation, going to lunch with a friend, or watching a movie, you will remember what happens in your session. The subconscious mind records everything, so even if the conscious mind forgets, we might remember later when something brings up an association to that memory. For example if you wake up in the morning not recalling any dreams, later that day you might see a dog run across the street and say "Hey, that reminds me, I had a dream about a dog!" During hypnosis you are aware of what is going on and the hypnotherapist guides you to connect with your own subconscious mind for the outcome you request.


“I have felt such a wonderful shift in my body, mind, and emotions since the session I had with you. I feel hopeful and excited as I prepare to take action on things I want to do and that give me joy. As a result, I find I have more energy and I wake up, not in dread, but with a happy heart, eager to start the day.”

– Lynn, Arizona

“The tools Mimi used provided me with multiple perspectives that I would never have considered. I left with a feeling of lightness, clarity, and understanding. The session was as good as, if not better, than therapy.”

– Private Client

“During our consultation Mimi helped me uncover the message that my unconscious was pointing out. It has made a pretty profound difference in my joy factor on a daily basis.”

– Rebecca Beltran Business and Marketing Coach


“I am so grateful for the time Mimi took to help me interpret my experience. She was very thorough and thoughtful at guiding me through the process easily. I am so appreciative.”

– Group Guided Imagery Participant

“Great guidance and meditation from Mimi as always!”

– Group Meditation Participant

“Very fun and comforting. 10/10 would join again. Mimi is awesome!”

– Group Guided Imagery Participant

“Mimi is great at what she does! She’s very patient and talented. I felt that she truly listened and heard everyone.”

– Group Guided Imagery Participant

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