Hypnosis, Meditation & Guided Imagery for Groups

A guided meditation or hypnosis experience can facilitate team building, wellness, and social support for all kinds of people. Mimi facilitates groups for corporate and private clients via audio and video platforms. She is dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment for participants to explore their potential.

Guided Meditation | Guided Imagery Groups

Starting with a relaxation process, Mimi guides participants on a journey of the imagination using all the senses, much like having a daydream. She works with an interactive form of meditation called guided imagery, and during the session each person has their own experience. Symbols and images arise, and we can discuss them afterwards to uncover their meanings just like we would work with a symbol from a dream. Clients have expressed profound gratitude for the opportunity to connect with the meaningful messages from their own subconscious mind.


Group Hypnosis

During group hypnosis, participants typically sit or lie down in a relaxed position while Mimi guides them through a series of suggestions, visualizations, explorations, or affirmations. Group members enter a state of focused attention and heightened inner awareness, always maintaining their own sense of agency. Many find the experience to be a valuable tool for relaxation, stress reduction, and achieving specific goals within a group setting.


What it can do for your group or team

The shared experience of a guided meditation or hypnosis group creates a collective mindset, promoting collaboration and connection among the participants. This can enhance communication, create a sense of unity, and build trust among team members. Groups can also be applied for wellness purposes, incorporating stress reduction, relaxation, and healing imagery, contributing to overall mental and emotional well-being. The supportive environment created during these sessions can serve as a platform for individuals to share experiences and provide mutual encouragement, fostering social support within the group.


“I am so grateful for the time Mimi took to help me interpret my experience. She was very thorough and thoughtful at guiding me through the process easily. I am so appreciative.”

– Group Guided Imagery Participant

“Mimi is great at what she does! She’s very patient and talented. I felt that she truly listened and heard everyone.”

– Group Guided Imagery Participant

“Very fun and comforting. 10/10 would join again. Mimi is awesome!”

– Group Guided Imagery Participant

“Great guidance and meditation from Mimi as always!”

– Group Meditation Participant