Connect with Your Intuition

Most of us are looking for answers outside of ourselves, but what we forget is that this knowledge is already within us. Sometimes we just need a little help accessing it, and Mimi loves to help others with this process through hypnotherapy.

Many people are surprised to find that deep down, they do know the answer to what they are looking for, and that with some assistance they are able to find it within themselves. Intuition and dreams are both experienced in the same areas of the brain, and both speak to us in the language of symbols, pictures and metaphors.

Intuitive impressions may be received in many ways including images in the mind’s eye, bodily sensations, words, a sense of knowing, even through the sense of smell or taste. Often our first impression is the intuitive one, but we tend to second guess it and over ride it with logic (this is known as ‘analytical overlay’). Strengthening our connection to our dreams, our body, and learning to really trust ourselves all play significant roles in our ability to access our intuition and inner guidance.

Hypnotherapy can help you access the still, calm voice of intuition in you, providing guidance and clarity from within.

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