Hypnosis for Decision Making

Have you ever found yourself saying “Part of me wants to lose weight, but part of me loves to eat!” or “Part of me wants to be in a relationship, but part of me likes being single.” 

These are normal, healthy aspects of our personality that formed according to our experiences.

Unlike Dissociative Identity Disorder (or D.I.D., formerly Multiple Personality Disorder) where a person is not aware they are slipping in and out of different identities  - for example, wondering “who bought all those clothes?” after a shopping spree - most of us have an awareness that we are the ones that went shopping, or stayed up all night binge watching a show, or ate all the cake. In D.I.D. the person may have memory gaps or time loss when they go in and out of different personality states, as they lack continuous awareness of the actions of their different personality parts.

Our various ‘parts’ are often in conflict with each other, but their conversations often happen below the surface of our conscious awareness. All we know is that we feel confused, and pulled in different directions without understanding why. In a session, a trained hypnotherapist can help to identify the conflicting parts, and establish a dialogue between them until they can come to a resolution.

Our higher self, and our intuitive self can also be seen as parts, and connecting with them can be a powerful and moving experience that can help us align with our true priorities and goals in life.

Working with the different parts of our selves in a hypnotherapy session is a potent tool that can help clarify decision making, resolve inner conflict, and get to the bottom of some habits and beliefs so that desired changes can be made. By allowing each conflicting part to speak, to have their voice heard uninterrupted, we can come to a resolution within. Parts work is a vital tool of hypnotherapy that can help us sort out inner conflict, make clear decisions aligned with our priorities, gain an inner sense of peace and calm, and produce amazing transformation.


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